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Preparation & Laying

How To Measure how much Turf is needed?

Measure the Length and Width of the area where the Turf will be laid out and Multiply the Length by the Width.

For example if the Length is 9m and the Width is 12m then 9 x 12 = 108m2.

Turf rolls are 60cm Wide x 1.6 metres Long = 1 Square metre (1m2).

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We are happy to calculate the amount of Turf for you if you have a few different sized areas.

Preparation of the Site

John Smiths Turf does offer site Preparation for new Turf or you can prepare the area yourself.

We strongly recommend poisoning the site to make sure the site is weed free and removing any rocks or debris before laying new Turf. You can use Roundup to poison and please read instructions carefully on this product. It can take 10 to 14 days for Roundup to work before new Turf can be laid.

If your soil is hard and there is a lot of Clay we recommend using Gypsum over the soil before Laying the new Turf. Smooth out the Top soil with a rake to level the area.

If Turf is being laid next to driveways or paths allow room for the 25mm – 30mm thickness of the Turf when leveling the soil. 

Turf Laying

John Smiths Turf does offer Turf laying services, feel free to ask for a quote when placing your order.

However you can lay the Turf yourself.

Turf needs to be laid the same day as delivery, or on a hot day within an hour of delivery. Leaving the Turf rolled up too long in Summer can cause sweating and the Turf can turn yellow.

Turf needs to be kept moist until roots have taken so commence watering as soon as Turf is finished being laid out and keep watering twice a day especially in summer weather.


Start by laying Turf in a straight line up along the edge of fence, driveways or paths. Do not overlap or leave any gaps between each roll of Turf.

The next row of Turf rolls being laid needs to be staggered against the first Turf rolls in a brick laying pattern.

You can use a sharp knife or a shovel to cut Turf rolls into the sizes you need.

On a slope it is best to lay Turf rolls across rather than down hill. Avoid walking on Turf until after the first time you mow.

When the Turf rolls can’t be lifted and the roots have started to take this is when you can do the first high mow.

For Turf to root in it could take 2 to 3 weeks in Summer or 3 to 4 weeks in Winter.

John Smith´s Turf is always happy to offer more lawn care tips to residents and commercial properties.

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